Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fan Art for Possession by Elana Johnson

Hey everyone! I just decided I’d show a little of my artwork for a new book I just read, Possession by Elana Johnson. I don’t normally share my artwork, but I really liked how it came out so I thought, what the heck.


This is my image for the two main characters in the book, Jag and Vi. Granted, it’s semi-realistic, semi-manga-ish style of drawing but I wasn’t sure where I was heading with it at first. Maybe I’ll finish one day.

Possession is an incredible book and you can read my praising review for it below! Enjoy and make sure to pick up a copy of the book when it is released June 7th!






Jag and Vi © Elana Johnson

Artwork © Caitlin George



Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Oh, awesome! I love seeing other people's art, and though I haven't read Possession, I think I can see their personalities shining through. And I know exactly what you mean by not sure where you're heading with something... I do that all the time, with art, with essays, you name it. xD

ali cross said...

Caitlin, these are awesome! Would it be okay if I posted them on the POSSESSION fan site?

Let me know! ~ I'd love to show these off, they are PERFECT!!

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