Monday, November 1, 2010

The Uglies series: Zane vs David. Who would you choose?

Today I am guest posting in the YA Love Triangle Week over at Down The Rabbit Hole! My love triangle is Zane vs David from The Uglies series and I’m defending Zane. David was never really my guy through out the books. I hope you guys will go take a look at my argument and my opponent’s. Also, to vote for who you think had the best argument! Voter sare entered to win a prize too!

Here’s a little bit of my post:

When I first started The Uglies series I had an immediate connection with Tally and her adventure. I loved reading about this strange world of Uglies and Pretties and Specials. Though, one of the things I didn’t really connect with was David. From the very beginning when Shay first mentioned him, I thought of him as suspicious. Even if he turned out to be someone that helped people escape into the Rusties, he was never one of my favorite characters. It wasn’t until I read the second book in the series, Pretties, that I knew I found a character I would like to be with Tally or just in general!

I have found that a lot of people find this a hard question to answer: David or Zane? I really see only one option though. Zane was the rock that held Tally to the ground. Without his support she would have never made it to where she did. One of the first things that immediately attracted me to Zane was the fact that he knew there was something wrong with pretties’ brains and he fought against it! I really never considered that until he showed up with his coffee and determination. He put in motion Tally’s rebellion. It was Zane who convinced Tally to take the pill that was suppose to cure her, and he understood that the real Tally was still inside her just trapped behind a stupid pretties’ mind…




Brooke said...

Nice post! I'm 'Team Zane' for sure!

Juju at Tales of said...

Oooo I am totally Team David. Even though Zane rocked and I hated seeing him go out like that.

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