Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cover Contest: Vote Vote Vote!

Hey everyone! Taking a small break from my Halloween posted to say that today is the last day to vote for the Matched Re-create cover contest over at Squeaky Books!! There are a bunch of wonderful covers entered and some really tough competition. Though, I’d appreciate it if you when over to voted! One lucky voter actually gets to win a prize pack! How cool, right?!

Here’s my cover:

Matched-CoverIf you like mine the best I would love your vote, but make sure to look at all the other beautiful covers too :D




Steph said...

Wow thats super pretty! Great job. I make sure I vote!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your cover is GORGEOUS!! I'll totally vote for you!

M.A.D. said...

There were several very beautiful, well-done covers, but as I honestly did like yours the best I voted for you - I think it's the birdcage that won me over! :)

bibliophile brouhaha said...

Beautiful work! Wish I could design like that! Going over to vote now!


Anonymous said...

wow, this cover is amazing! It captures the same feel as the original :)

Steph said...

So I looked at all the covers... and yours is by far the best. Great job. I wish more covers were like this! Beautiful!

Caitlin said...

Awww you guys make me all happy!! Love you all XD Thanks so much!

TheBookGirl said...

Best of luck Caitlin :)

M.A.D. said...

Mary D

Hey, CONGRATS Caitlin! I just saw where your cover WON!!!! :D
Beautiful job, you deserved it!

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