Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book Review: Come Again No More


Title: Come Again No More

Author: Jack Todd

Publisher: Touchstone/ Simon&Schuster

Pages: 356

Summary: THE PAINT FAMILY built an American empire on the legendary strength of their character, their wit, and their resolve, but the foreclosures, bank failures, and joblessness of the Great Depression may bring their world down around them. The family’s foundation is further weakened by a rift running through two generations, scarred over by stubbornness and pain. Come Again No More is a uniquely American story about a family navigating a changing world and the tough choices it presents.

The indomitable family patriarch, Eli, owns everything as far as the eye can see, but there is an emptiness in his heart. After a dramatic accident leaves him struggling for life, he must reckon with the decisions he made that separated him from the daughter he loved most. A chance for redemption presents itself in his granddaughter Emaline. Eli has faced his own mortality many times, but his pride seems to have a death grip on him.

Emaline marries Jake, a womanizing prizefighter who promises to help her realize her dream of making a life on a farm. But Jake’s inner demons and nature itself conspire against Emaline’s fierce determination to make their marriage work. Life sends Emaline many joys when she least expects them, but ultimately, she must make tough decisions about holding on and letting go.

Based on the author’s family letters and diaries, Come Again No More is a bittersweet novel, a moving and vivid portrayal of a family’s triumphs and tragedies paralleling the glories and shameful underbelly of a nation struggling through the Great Depression.

Overall: 3.5 Stars


First of all I’m going to say that Come Again No More is a book I would usually never pick up myself. I usually only read YA books because that’s what I enjoy, though I’d like to thanks GoodReads because I won this ARC from them.

With that said Come Again No More wasn’t really my cup of tea, though I did find that reading the story helped me understand a lot about the years of the Great Depression. This book features Eli Paint and his family and their struggles through this tough time in live and how they come together to help each other. It’s a story of gain and loss, discovering and losing, love and hate, family and friends. It shows just how hard people had to fight to make a living back then. People were poor, going broke and had to struggle to made a living. It’s a very touch story.

Though, something in this book that made me skip over some passages was the cussing and language used. I can understand people cussing when they are angry but there were times where I couldn’t even imagine hearing someone talking like that.

This book is the second in the Paint Family series, but I didn’t read the first one and it was easy to follow along the plotline of the story. The book was kind of slow for me at some points but there were exciting parts too. I’m positive that a person of great interest of the time era the book took place and a person who loves to read a story about a good family orientated book with really enjoy the the Paint’s story.

Come Again No More is released today 9/7 and you can purchase it and the first in the series  Here and Here.

Once again I’d like to thank GoodReads and Touchstone Publishing for the book!


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