Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Epic Adventure of getting rid of Piracy!

Piracy, if you do not know, if copying published work and putting it online. This is a serious issue amount books today and it seriously needs to stop! If you copy or scan a book and then go share it with your friends that is not only preventing authors from selling books, but it’s ILLEGAL.
Today I was inspired to help support this cause from reading what Kristi from The Story Siren had to say on the subject (which you can read here). As you can watch belong I create a small video about piracy and though it may come out as humorous this is a serious topic.
Piracy - photo slideshow

So as you can see from my video, just don’t do it! You will get caught by The Super Readers League and thrown into book jail where they will make you spend all your money on hardcover books! Seriously, don’t mess with them!

Piracy can cost big for authors. They can loss book deals with publishing companies because their book isn’t selling. And authors aren't the only ones. Don’t burn movies onto disc and then give then to your friends. Don’t get music off the internet from sites that illegally downloaded them. That is all piracy and it is a big problem that happens today with all the technology now. All we can do is try to prevent it the best we can.


Go ahead, become a member! :D

(Also I know I’m not that good of an artist *laughs at self* but I discovered something while making it. I think I’m going to stick with my Photoshop abilities, hehe.)



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A.S. King said...

Yay! Thanks for spreading the word. Cool vid. :)

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