Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mockingjay/Suzanne Collins Signing in NY

Ah, the City. The place of flashy lights, giant signs, dirty streets, fabulous shops, and some of the weirdest people you will ever meet. Yep, only in New York, Baby!

It was yesterday that I had the pleasure of traveling into New York and attending a Suzanne Collins signing! As you can see from the picture I took from the ferry, the weather wasn’t the greatest, but, hey, it’s better then melting on the sidewalk in 95 degree heat. And trust me, when you are in New York either you walk or you’re a very brave (and patient ) person for driving.

I took the ferry in with one of my close book buddies! Me and her are always discussing different books and a big thing about this is that she is a MAJOR Team Gale gal while I support my Team Peeta! We’ve had some lovely arguments on the topic XD (Hey Catherine!)

20100825_2So we get to the Borders about an hour before the signing. It’s not too packed yet so we hurried to get our books. At this point I already read Mockingjay and had a copy back at home, but rules were you had to buy the book at the store for it to be signed, so now I have two copy! I also bought some Mockingjay bookmarks (so, maybe, look for a giveaway… ;)!

We got really good spots in line! I felt bad for all the people behind us because the line had started to loop around shelves and you could tell it’s be really hard for them to see. So the hour went by, while Catherine and I tried to think of what to say to Ms. Collins while she signed (stamped) our books. I was way too excited to think of what to say! I was near hyperventilation!

Finally it came the time and Suzanne Collins was introduced *throw confetti*! She started by reading a small part of the first chapter from Mockingjay, and then the line started to move!

20100825_9  20100825_13


Finally, it was time for me to have my book stamped. My hands started to sweat which they always do when I’m nervous. I headed it to her and I’m pretty sure I said sometime like: “Thanks you SO much for this series! I loved all the books so much! They mean a lot to me!” and I may have babbled a little about how much I loved her too, but at the point my eyes started tear up (no joke, I get emotional easily, haha). She thanked me and I shuffled off, trying to catch my breath.

Aw, look how happy I am. Well, the day was really awesome! Oh, and on my walk out of the city look what store I happen to be passing…

20100825_16YES, that is Random House Publishing!! I wanted to go in so bad, but I needed to get house. I also passed the Simon&Schuster store! I promised myself that I would one day make a day trip to visit all the major publishing stores :D

And at the end of the day I was ready to pass out.

*Warning: The side effects of visiting New York involve tireness, sore feet, and an unliking for anyone that says you have a Jersey accent (well for me)*



anjohnston said...

Looks like you had a blast! I'm so jealous!

brave chickens said...

New York... how I wished I lived there!

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