Monday, August 23, 2010

NEW BLOG DESIGN!! Check it out!

I really had no intentions to redesign my blog until I won a package to have it designed from Missie at The Unread Reader by Staci at Blogging Bella Designs. And now I can't thank Missie and Staci enough because without them I would never have this beautiful looking blog!!
Isn't it just wonderful? I love it so much and it shows my personality perfectly!
*happy dance*
I hope you all like it!
Thanks again to Staci and Missie!! <3


anjohnston said...

Wow! The redesign looks awesome! I love the color scheme and the bat and baseball in the header. Congrats!

Staci said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

Cute new design! I loved your old header too though, you did an amazing job on it! I awarded you the one lovely blog award:

Lu said...

Love it! Really beautiful :)

Missie said...

Oh Em Geeeeee! It is beautiful! I love the baseball and the bat and the signature! Amazing!

Kate the Book Buff said...

looks awesome :)

-Kate the Book Buff

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