Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random News I found on Simon&Schuster's website :D

The Hollow series is written by Jessica Verday and Simon&Schuster posted a trailer for it on their website!

Do YOU want to help create a book?? If you go to you can help create a book by voting on what you want to happen next after reading the chapters already up on the site! And then when it is done, Simon&Schuster will be publishing it into a paperback novel. So, you want to be able to say "Heck yeah, I helped create this book!" than head over there!

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld is now out in paperback! And with a new cover to go with it. And in my opinion, I like it much better than the Hardcover's cover.

You can check it out and order a copy HERE.

Finally, have any of you ever read Go Ask Alice? I never have but I've heard things from it's the worst book ever published to it the most genius thing out there. Because of the incredible difference in opinions I have been hesitant to read it. BUT if you have read it and you loved it and want more or you hated it and want more there is a companion novel coming for it!

It's called Jay's Journal and you can check it out on S&S' website right HERE.

~Caitlin out.

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