Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tiny Movie Review: Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud is a movie based off the book The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood. In it stars Zac Efron (Charlie) and co-stars Amanda Crew (Tess) and Charlie Tahan (Sam). I recently saw this movie and was so impressed by it I thought I'd do a little overview.

Charlie St. Cloud is a beautifully heartbreaking movie. I swear I cried through half of it (though i tend to get emotional pretty easy). We are first introduced to Charlie and his brother Sam competing in a sailing race. They both share a love for sailing and the ocean. Charlie is just graduating high school and has plans to go off to college on a sailing scholarship, much to Sam's unhappiness. It is than they the two brothers make a promise to meet everyday at sunset before Charlie leaves for college and practice baseball.

But than a terrible accident happens and Sam passes away (this is not giving anything away for it's in the trailer). Though Charlie can still see Sam and everyday at sunset he meets Sam to practice baseball. It's five years later and Tess comes into the picture. She is a racing sailor too who plans to travel around the world. When her and Charlie start to meet, Sam starts to fade away.

The movie is truly amazing. Zac did a wonderful job and he has just the most beautiful smile XD Though, after the movie was over I decided that he was the terribly beautiful when he cried (is that weird to say?). His eyes got really blue and when he was crying out to Sam I felt my heart brake.

There is also a shocking surprise that happens and I totally didn't see it coming! And I love when that happens; when I'm proven wrong, because I completely figured I had the ending figured out but no, they twisted it up good.

So, yes, I highly suggest this movie! I'm kind of sad that I didn't read the book before the movie which I usually do, but now I'll make sure to.

*sigh* I don't think I'm capable of writing short reviews for anything I find awesome, I just babble on about how much I loved it.

~Caitlin out.


Truth Be Told Blog said...

i LOVED this movie. Great review.

My sister actually surpised me by taking me out for dinner and then sneaking me into a theatre telling me not to look at the title lol.

I cried when the title came on, and when I saw the preview for this at the Eclipse Premier.

I am not usually a fan of Zach Efron but he surprised me.

I love your site. Thanks so much for being an avid reader of mine as well :)

Valorie at

booksploring said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog on last week's Hop! Your blog design is gorgeous! I borrowed this book from the public library awhile back and had to return it unread...maybe I'll just check out the movie in the meantime ;-)

iamjenai said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you too!

I saw the trailer of the movie and I don't know if i can watch this kind of film. Ever since i became a mommy, i cant stand to watch movies like this... i tend to be very emotional!

oh if you have time, please also visit my other blog i just recently created.

Have a fun blogging day!

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