Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Re-Create A Cover Contest: Coffeehouse Angel

*hangs head* I know, I know. Another Cover Contest! Two in a round! Shame, shame! When I should be reading I am fooling around in Photoshop. Go ahead, I allow you to scold me.

But while you are scolding me take a look at what I spent a good part of the day doing (though I did read! I promise! I'm half way done with Clockwork Angel :D)

Original cover:
My cover:

Now I know some of you may be think "WTF, it's nothing like the original!" Well that was kind of my point. I travel outside the box... and kind traveled into a whole other box entirely.

But I took a risk because I'm a risk taking kind of gal. So please tell me what you think and if my risk was crach and burn or smooth landing!

This contest is hosted by Trisha at Trisha's Book Blog! Thanks so much for holding it! :)

~Caitlin out


Anonymous said...

Amazing cover!! That really shows the book and the steam from the coffee looks like a heart wrapped around her and the angel.. AMAZING!

linz said...

Oh, i love it! This is my favorite so far. Great job! And good luck

baddict17 said...

WOW! SO awesome!!!! I'm def out of the running! Lol. Great job!!!

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